Tim Westwood accidentally sent his credit card details to the whole internet

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Dave Fawbert

Tim Westwood is going to be 60 years old this October.


So fair play to the big dog for still trying to keep up with the kids and going in hard on Snapchat to keep his still legion group of fans entertained.

Unfortunately, like the best of us, with age comes increasing incompetence when trying to use technology, a sad fact perfectly exhibited when Westwood accidentally put a shot of his credit card – apparently intended to be sent to his new ‘ting’ – into his Story on Sunday.

Keen to show that he was still down with the kids, The Big Dog took to a second social network, Instagram, to acknowledge his error:

People were not slow to mock the DJ, saying ‘somebody take our uncle offline’, while others took issue with the accompanying message:

Poor Westwood.

Still, maybe getting his credit card details nicked is a good thing. After all, according to Biggie...