You won't get more than 12/18 in this Christmas number ones quiz

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Tom Victor
The ultimate Christmas number ones quiz

The cult of the Christmas song might have diminished a little in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped us listening to the same selection of tunes every December.

While the golden era of the ‘70s and ‘80s might have given way to the trend of reality show contestants topping the charts at this time of year, we’ll always have our memories.

Indeed, some of those memories might be a little rose-tinted, with a number of festive classics failing to top the charts, and some Christmas crackers reaching number one more recently than we’d thought.

So, before you do your last-minute gift-buying, before you chow down on a Christmas burger, and before you have a chance to ruin Christmas altogether, it’s time to put your Christmas number one knowledge to the test.

Some of the songs below topped the charts in the UK on Christmas Day. Others didn’t. Your job, my friends, is to work out which fall into which camp.

(Images: YouTube/Rex Features)