The Streets tickets sold out in less than a minute and everyone is furious

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Duncan Vicat-Brown
The Streets tickets sold out in one minute and everyone is furious

It’s a tale as old as time; or as old as Ticketmaster, anyway. This morning, tickets for The Streets’ extremely highly anticipated comeback tour went on sale and completely sold out within one minute. One minute! That includes three dates at Brixton Academy. Well done Mike, that’s really impressive.

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of disappointed fans who didn’t manage to pick up any tickets. Like, A Lot.

We’re already seeing the early stages of an all-out war against ticket touts who, to be fair, can absolutely fuck off.

You kind of have to admire the giant stones on this guy.

But while most are howling at the moon, some are doing their best to alleviate the situation with a bit of humour. God bless you, shining beacons of light cutting through the dark.

Try it, it totally works.

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