The ShortListen: Major Lazer feat Justin Bieber and MØ (no. 354)

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Dave Fawbert

Who? Major Lazer, featuring Justin Bieber

What’s the story? Really, there is literally no way that this song isn't going to be a hit so you may as well just give in now. It's been co-written by Major Lazer with Ed Sheeran, it's got Justin Bieber singing on it, it fits into every single music trend that's big in the charts right now and, well, it's actually just really quite good. There's that restrained guitar work that Sheeran does so well, the standard dancehall Major Lazer summer feel and a quality melody from the Biebster. The one downside? MØ sounds so cool when she appears, two minutes into the track, that we kinda wish she'd been used more on the track. But when you're pretty much the world's biggest popstar then you get priority, we suppose. This is an undeniably quality pop tune.

For fans of: Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Chainsmokers

In three words: Pop supergroup success

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