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Dave Fawbert

Who? Banks

What’s the story? We never quite got on board with the first album by LA singer Banks, 2014's Goddess. The likes of Brain and Beggin For Thread pointed toward an interesting new artist, but the whole thing felt a little too arch and stylised, with not enough attention given to the actual songwriting. And whilst the album got critics excited, sales were not huge, so there's a lot riding on her forthcoming new record, due 30 September. She's certainly not playing it coy, leading with this track, Fuck With Myself, which is - once again - hyper-stylish and slickly produced but features a little more darkness and weirdness, particularly with the truly twisted promo video. It's not going to be bothering the charts, but it's an arresting listen.

For fans of: FKA Twigs, The Weeknd

In three words: Twisted minimal electro

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