This Twitter account will interview you like a '80s popstar

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Gary Ogden
This Twitter account will interview you like a '80s popstar

Sometimes, I feel like I would like to be famous, just so that then when I got interviewed in a magazine and got asked dumb and obscure questions like “What’s your favourite happy hardcore song?” I would be able to say “Well, of course it’s Jess & Spenno - ’Find Your Way’” and people would actually read it. I want to be asked stupid questions in magazines, basically. WON’T SOMEONE LISTEN TO ME?

Well, yes, they will. I mean, it’s a ‘they’ in the loosest sense of the word, because it’s actually a Twitter bot, but the sentiment is the same. At least I’ll feel like I’m being interviewed by a magazine - or more specifically, famous pop music mag Smash Hits. Essentially, what it does is asks you questions gleaned from various back issues of the mag, and then you are free to answer them, on the internet, for everybody to see. It’s like you’re actually famous, for once.

It’s great, look:

And because it’s 2018, it turns out actual popstars are joining in and being interviewed by it:

I could go on, but I actually have an interview in five minutes, so I must rush.

You do too though, don’t you? Think about it, in 40 years’ time, people might look back on your answer of “Peas” as the most influential moment in the Frost/Nixon of encounter of its day. What a star.

Head on over here to indulge.

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