This incredibly smart app is the new Shazam and all music lovers should download it

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Gary Ogden
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Is this potentially the greatest music app in history?

You’ve probably got Shazam on your phone, reason being it is the greatest app currently available on any platform. Not knowing the name of a song that you’re currently listening to was one of life’s greatest problems until it came along - simply hold it up to the speaker and it will identify it. It’s magic. Never will you again experience that terrible feeling that you’ll never hear an amazing song ever again, because it’s saved there in your phone, ready to be rinsed to hell and back. Shazam is the greatest.

However, what about that another annoying music-related experience? The one when you recognise a sample in a song, and desperately need to know where it originally came from? Shazam won’t sort that for you, so you use one of the best websites on the entire internet: Only thing is, you need the name of the song for this to work, making it difficult on the fly if you’re unaware.



So shove that phone in a speaker, it’ll recognise the song and then you can see what songs it’s sampled, just like the website. How very exciting - how very very very exciting.

If there’s a downside, it’s that ya gotsta pay for it, buddy. To get unlimited song recognition, you’ll have to pay a $10 yearly subscription as well as $4 if you want it on your iPhone (it’s free but has ads on Android) - shame that, but it is an extremely useful app. 

Many people might not care about the service it provides, but those people who’ve had their entire day ruined because they can’t recognise a sample from a song they’ve just heard - like, fully ruined, getting back into bed ruined - then they’ll understand the life-changing ability of this piece of software. This will change the world.

Available on Android and iOS

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