Relive the golden musical mid-2000s with this mashup generator

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Dave Fawbert

The further we get away from the mid naughties, the more we realise what an actually excellent time for music it was.

The furore over the #indieamnesty last year eventually led to a whole lot of reminiscing about the era, with many tunes dismissed as ‘indie landfill’ turning out, on second listen, to actually be really good.

At the same time, it was a great era for hip hop, with some classic tracks emerging – and, of course, it was a time when the mashup became inescapable, led by Soulwax’s 2002 2ManyDJs project, which paved the way for every man and his dog to put two tracks together to (not always but often) excellent effect.

Now you can relive those halcyon days by heading to – which has a host of 2007 bangers to mash up to your heart’s content. It’s very simple – drag a rap and drop it on any of the ‘yellowed’ backing tracks.

Pro tip: Move Bitch sounds good on everything, and everything sounds good on Take Me Out.