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Judas. What a bloody great name for a band. How did no one think of it before? I mean, sure, there’s Judas Priest, which is also an amazing name, but just ‘Judas’ is so powerful. In conclusion: pro tip to all kids starting their first group, just put Judas somewhere in your band name and you’ll be alright.

Luckily, Judas – a London-based four-piece comprising John, Todd, James and Sam – have the music to back up their excellent moniker with a brand of swaggering anthemic indie rock that’s packed with big choruses.

Relatively new on the scene and just about to embark on their first UK tour (check out dates here), we’re predicting great things for them this year and beyond and you can check out their brand new track ‘Some People’ exclusively below. What are you waiting for? Hit play below and then go check them out in a city near you.

Like that? Check out some more tracks below.


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