John Legend just sat down at a piano at St Pancras Station and started playing

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Tom Mendelsohn

John Legend has positively stunned a gaggle of lucky photographers at St Pancras International with a thoroughly impromptu performance at the station’s piano.

The story goes that US soul legend Legend, the husband of sassy Twitter superstar Chrissy Teigen, had just arrived from Paris on the Eurostar, and was filled with the sudden desire to play a 10-minute set of his hits for any passer-by to film and put online. 

The singer, 38, sang ‘Ordinary People’, ‘All of Me’ and ‘Surefire’, before he was whisked away by his entourage, presumably to an Eyes Wide Shut-style masked orgy at a sinister countryside mansion. 

In a quite stunning coincidence, tickets for Legend’s UK stadium tour in September go on sale on Friday.

Twitter has helpfully collected a lot of shaky video footage of the event, which you can peruse at your leisure:

To be totally fair to Legend, who is beloved on the internet for basically acting like a decent guy most of the time, even though this was absolutely, definitely and unequivocally a publicity stunt, it was quite a generous and fun one, and it did seem like quite a lot of real fans got to go along. Not all of them got a great view, however, as the following tweet demonstrates.


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