Here’s your first look at the new single from ShortList one to watch James Gillespie

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Talented singer-songwriter James Gillespie performs his new single ‘Beyond Today’ in Paris

Have you checked out ShortList’s ones to watch for 2019 yet? If not, what are you doing with your life?

You should make a note to check out the full list, just as soon as you’ve finished reading this article.

Why not before? Well, because we’ve got a sneak peek of a new single from one of the names on that list. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

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‘Beyond Today’ is the new single from James Gillespie, and the video – with the singer-songwriter performing the song live in Paris – gives off big Hozier energy.

It’s one of a couple of new videos which paint a picture of the travelling musician, who was born in England and raised in Scotland.

Gillespie is perhaps most famous for impressing Pink with his cover of her song ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’, leading to him being invited on stage to perform with the American chart-topper at V Festival in 2018.

In addition to these performances, Gillespie has shown off his powerful voice with an a capella version of his song ‘Good Life’, performed in Berlin.

“Sometimes when life is at its darkest it’s hard to know who you are. Who to turn to when you need someone,” Gillespie says of ‘Beyond Today’.

“The darker the times the darker I become. It’s hard to see what’s right or wrong when there is no light in sight. And it becomes impossible to see beyond today.”

If you’ve been impressed by Gillespie’s single, don’t forget that promise you made to go back and check out the full ‘ones to watch’ run-down. We’ve got the link for you again here if you don’t fancy scrolling all the way back to the top. We’re nice like that.

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(Images: YouTube/James Gillespie)


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