Oi, doesn't it look like Harry Styles is going down a water slide in his album cover?

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Gary Ogden

Harry Styles, big popstar, nice-hair-having man, great shirt-wearer.

Also, soon-to-have-a-smash-hit-album-releaser. His first album, Harry Styles, has been given the release date of May 12, 2017. And he’s released the fancy cover art, look:

Quite good, that, actually. But I noticed something when looking at it. I noticed, that it looks a bit like he's sliding down a water flume, doesn't it. And lo and behold, I contacted the record company, who sent me some zoomed out shots, and look, I was right:

Look, even the back cover of the album is taken from the same water park:

Water doesn’t look very nice, does it? Probably because they used an abandoned water slide – rock and roll, innit:

The wacky world of popstars and their debut albums, eh? What will they think of next?


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