This '80s version of 'Sugar We're Going Down' is your new summer jam

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Gary Ogden
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Hello, Mr. Remix That Is Better Than The Original, Nice To Meet You

’80s remixes of modern pop songs are not a new thing, but they are a good thing. Get a popular track that everyone knows, isolate the vocals and then absolutely slam a load of Yamaha DX-7s and 808s underneath - it’s a flawless recipe for retro success.

Don’t believe us, well, remember this rock classic from 2005 by Fallout Boy:

Good innit? Top song, that.

But you know what? NOT ‘80S ENOUGH, IS IT? Not enough synths. Not enough aural neon. So step in YouTube user Johan Olsson - a man with a track record in retro-fying modern songs - and his wonderfully nostalgic fingers. 

He’s poked them around in the belly of the song, and has come out with absolutely beautiful slice of wistful beauty:


Oh yes. Oh yes. Bang in a right fucking heroic sax solo too - what a dream. Better than the original? Well, this was the original - it clearly came out in the ‘80s, and you can never beat the first time.*

Check out his YouTube page - he’s got a bunch of other retro remixes, including this hefty version of ‘Symphony’ by Clean Bandit:

And while we’re here, what a great excuse to post one of the greatest ‘80s remixes to ever hit the W.W.W:

What a summer it’s going to be!

*In fact, I’m queuing it up on Spotify for the first time I have sex

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