Drake wrote his own Apple Music ‘editor notes’ for new album ‘Scorpion’ and Twitter loves it

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Gary Ogden
Drake wrote his own Apple Music ‘editor notes’ for new album ‘Scorpion’ and Twitter loves it

Drake used the album liner notes to poke fun at the haters

Drake’s got a new album, didn’t you know? Of course you did, everyone did/does. Drake releases an album and the entire world goes absolutely mad for it, regardless of quality - he could release a 56-track LP that consisted entirely of him screaming “ICE CREAM” and it would sell better than everyone else’s. It would put entire countries out of business, whatever that means.

What I’m saying here is, there’s nothing you can do about it. Drake’s album is out, and that’s that. Still, regardless of what you think about Drake, you’ll have to admit that what he’s written as the album’s liner notes on Apple Music is pretty funny. Normally, where you’d find a load of nonsense about the making of the album and what it actually means, instead, Drake wrote this:

FUNNY, genuinely a “good one” right there. A sentiment that appears to have echoed across our good friend internet:

Drake has seen 8 Mile (or at least the end of it) and he knows that a well-timed self-own will never be beaten as an offensive tactic. You and me both, Drake, you and me both.


Let’s see you come back at me after that, bozos!

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