David Dimbleby rapped about Brexit to the tune of Eminem's 'Lose Yourself'

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Matt Tate

Why does David Dimbleby look like he’s about to drop the most fire EP of 2017?

A question you’ve almost certainly never had to entertain before, but the silver-haired Question Time presenter with a frankly exceptional collection of ties is giving you no choice but to think about it. 

In what appears to be a warm-up for last night’s fiery post-Article 50 debate, Dimbleby treated Twitter to a rap(?) all about where we find ourselves in the Brexit process. Why? No idea, but you’re going to watch it anyway. 

For those unable to flick the sound on, the veteran broadcaster raps along to the opening of ‘Lose Yourself’. Imagine Eminem’s intensity, but posher than the oft-grumpy American lyricist, and with more references to Tory politicians. 

The first few lines of the Slim Dimbo rap are actually the same as the original. You associate, “look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?” with 8 Mile and mom's spaghetti, but it could just as easily be about negotiating a complicated trade deal with the European Union. 

The rest of the rap: “We’ve triggered Article 50, May’s letter was nifty, Barnier looks shifty, are we gonna have to be thrifty with a recession in 2050?

Or rather than doom or gloom, the economy could boom as Fox’s thousands of trade deals loom.

With terror threats, Merkel threats, and will we decide to pay our debts?

There’s immigration, vexation and questions from the nation, May’s premiership is definitely out on probation.

So what does Britain think? Are we on the brink of a bright new dawn or might we sink?” 

*Mic drop*.