This mashup of Danny Dyer and The Streets is nigh-on perfection

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Dave Fawbert
Danny Dyer Streets Mike Skinner

Turns out most things Danny Dyer says fit perfectly onto ‘Blinded By The Lights’ by The Streets

What does it mean, really, to be British? Who are our actual icons? Nominally, to, say an average American, they would be: 1. The Queen, 2. Prince Harry, 3. Prince William, 4. David Beckham.

But while it turns out we do still love a good royal wedding, and we love David Beckham even more, the average American does not truly understand what makes a real British icon.

Because we’d wager that the average American would be utterly flummoxed by two legends of the game: Mike Skinner of The Streets and Danny Dyer.

But true heroes they are: Mike Skinner for creating some of the greatest - and most distinctive and creative - music of recent times; and Danny Dyer for just being an all-round national treasure, demonstrated only last week with his undeniably accurate summation of Brexit, which deservedly went viral on the internet.

And we never realised just how much they had in common. Until now.

David Thorp, though, is in possession of a keener brain that you or I and had a lifechanging realisation: what if Danny and Mike were mashed up in an unholy alliance of British brilliance?

One lunchtime, he tried it.

Utterly, utterly magnificent.

Like Vincent van Gogh and so many great artists before him, it seems he was unaware of his own genius.

Oh don’t you worry David. Don’t you worry.

The campaign for an official collaboration begins right now.

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