Watch Chainsmokers get expertly ripped apart for their EDM-by-numbers in this ace video

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Look, I don’t mind The Chainsmokers – they make simple (as we’ll see), commercial, uplifting silly music, and it’s fine by me. It’s formulaic to a T, but then I still listen to trance music, and that’s been the same for years, so it’s not really an issue for my weathered ears. Their latest album is testament to their unwillingness to stray too far from their own personal, well-trodden path to guaranteed success, because, you know: all the songs sound the same.

Again, this didn’t irk me in the slightest – that’s what I would have expected from that album, and that’s what I got. Good.

So that’s why I can’t possibly deny how hilariously on-point the following video is.

YouTube “user” John Fassold obviously had similar thoughts when listening to the chart-dominating, hit-raking duo, and as a reaction to this, he created a video explicitly detailing how to very easily create a Chainsmokers song from scratch.

But before you watch that, here’s their number one ‘Closer’ for reference:

And here’s your DIY guide to replicating their success:

Pretty spot-on, no? Here’s another tune for comparison:

Annoyingly, he left out the lyricless “drop” that appears centre-stage in every Chainsmokers track, but not to worry, he’s rectified that by creating a whole song in their style. With a bit more production nous behind it, the similarity would be hard to deny:

So now you’ve got no excuse. Get in that studio and knock up a number one. I’ll wait.


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