This brilliant video shows us every song Daft Punk have sampled over the years

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Matt Tate

Daft Punk are just as good at listening to music as they are at making it. 

YouTube channel Daftworld has put together a new video that takes the samples used in some of the iconic dance duo’s most recognisable tunes and traces back to where they originated. 

Sometimes the French superstars pick out the tiniest snippet of a song and make it the hook one of their hits that lodges itself in your head for weeks, but they’ll also use more substantial chunks. What’s very clear is that they’ve spent a lot of time spinning records. 

In the video you’ll hear from the likes of Sister Sledge, Barry Manilow, ELO, George Duke and Bill Withers, giving you valuable trivia ammo next time a Daft Punk comes on in the pub. 


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