Modern Album covers reimagined as Irish country records is absolutely hilarious

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Dave Fawbert

Do you remember cassette tapes? No, not you, hipsters, pretending that you actually prefer 'the sound' of them - do you actually, properly remember them?

Finding the start of a song was an art form, the sense of anticipation as you flipped over from Side A to B was intoxicating, never rewinding or fast-forwarding on your Walkman in order to save battery, the tape chewing on a regular basis, grabbing a pencil, jumpers for goalposts...

Sorry, we got lost in a sea of nostalgia there. But anyway, the peak era of the cassette tape coincided with the peak era of appallingly-artworked Irish country albums - and its prime exponent in the form of Daniel O'Donnell, who sold an absolute bucketload of the things.

It's a very specific style of artwork, but you'll recognise it immediately - and Twitter user @prayforpatrick has brilliantly reimagined a host of cool and current albums with the cheesy artwork of yesteryear. Marvel at them below and look out for them in a charity shop bargain bin near you very soon...