Please join us in loving this video of a New Zealand court listing to Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' in silence

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Dave Fawbert

You may not know it, but having had beef with a whole host of other people in his colourful career (and you can find an exhaustive guide to everyone dissed on the Marshall Mathers LP right here), Eminem has really elevated his sights.

He and his writing partner are currently suing an entire political party – New Zealand’s National Party to be exact – after they allegedly ripped off his 2002 track ‘Lose Yourself’ in their 2014 election advert. They used a piece of production music called 'Eminem Esque' which it bought from a company called BeatBox.

Take a listen for yourself, why not:

We’re no judges, but they definitely have (allegedly) ripped it off there haven’t they. Again, we are no experts, but we suspect calling the track ‘Eminem Esque’ is not going to help their cause either.

Anyway, that’s for the courts to decide, and deciding is exactly what they’re currently doing. To accurately judge whether a crime has been committed, they obviously needed to listen to the original. So that’s what they did – judge, lawyers, witnesses and the rest of them – in earnest, beautiful silence.

Stripped of its context, it becomes almost an absurdist masterpiece, as the silver-haired fella works a laptop like a true dad, playing Eminem’s track first and then the National Party’s exact same song allegedly similar song afterwards.

Why the judge doesn’t just rule it after these three minutes and 48 seconds so everyone can get straight down the pub we have no idea. Maybe they just lost themselves in the moment.