Pray for this poor bloke, who's just been dumped via Spotify playlist

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Gary Ogden

There are a number of ways to dump someone – some are more, erm, considered than others. There are good ways and bad ways, obviously.

Here are some good ways (spoiler: there is only one good way of doing it):

Do it in person and have a good reason for doing it.

Here are some bad ways:

Do it over the phone.

Do it over text.

Do it over email.

Do it over Instagram.

Do it over sky-writing.

Do it over boiling their rabbit.

There are loads more bad ways of dumping someone than good ones, basically. But we can now add another to that already very long list – we can now add dumping someone over Spotify playlist.

Here, look:

Wow. That smarts. This comes to mind:

It’s certainly different – perhaps even ingenious. However, it must be stressed that this wasn’t her boyfriend getting a pie, it was only a bloke she’d been on a couple of dates with. So maybe the brutal nature of this can be excused somewhat. She’s not entirely heartless.

But what was poor Wyatt’s response? Well, it was pretty good actually:

Well done everyone involved.


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