11 times Kanye proved he's the most ridiculous guy on Twitter

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Paddy Maddison

Kanye definitely isn't the kind of guy to keep his feelings to himself when he has an opinion on something. Put that particular personality trait together with a social network which allows him to instantly share his thoughts on a whim with the entire world and you're going to get hilarity, drama, rants, nonsense and so much more.

So with news of another Tweet beef, this time with Kid Cudi giving the rapper a piece of his mind in 140 characters or less (we await Ye's measured response), let's go ahead and take a look at some of Kanye's most ridiculous moments on the social platform. . .

1. That time when he wrote "the best album of all time". Erm, calm down mate.

2. When he showed us all that he actually can be humble and modest

3. The time he actually came out to claim he didn't like a finger in the booty

4. When Wiz Khalifa decided to have a pop

5. And when he decided to wind his neck in

6. When he asked the CEO of Facebook for 1 billion dollars - as you do

7. When he described love

8. When he apparently had big ideas for Ikea...

9. When he had his head firmly up his arse once again

10. The time when Deadmau5 wasn't impressed with his torrenting habits and Kayne wasn't having it

11. And finally, when he followed only one person on Twitter and it was a random lad from Coventry, aka "The Chosen One"

Keep 'em coming, Kanye. Keep 'em coming.


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