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We're a bit concerned about our excitement levels for The Dark Knight Rises. Sleepless nights are causing serious havoc to our day-to-day life and the gradual conversion of our basement into a makeshift bat cave is starting to annoy the neighbours.

While the news that Anne Hathaway will be playing Selina Kyle/Catwoman has done nothing but exacerbate our impatience, we're now hearing that French stunner Marion Cotillard is in discussions to play Talia Al Ghul in the upcoming sequel. As the daughter of Liam Neeson's Batman Begins villain, she's set to follow up her role as Leo's crazily hot (and just plain crazy) wife in Inception with another painfully exciting femme fatale worth falling for.

It's clearly a time to be celebrating all things Cotillard, despite the insomnia she's set to contribute to, so take a look at the following gallery and help us count down the days until July 2012. You can then spend the rest of the day hating yourself for it.

  • Marion Cotillard

    Marion Cotillard

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  • Marion Cotillard 1

    Marion Cotillard

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  • Marion Cotillard 2

    Marion Cotillard

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  • Marion Cotillard 3

    Marion Cotillard

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  • Marion Cotillard 4

    Marion Cotillard

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