This video explains how Louis CK writes and delivers perfect jokes


Like any truly great stand-up, Louis CK seems effortless and unscripted every time he gets up on the stage.

But this fascinating video from Nerdwriter, explains the detail, work and forethought that Louis CK puts into delivering a great joke. 

In the video, the work of the comedian and writer is analysed by Evan Puschak who explains the four strategies the comic uses to craft the perfect gag. 

Honing in on ‘The Monopoly Joke’ – a brilliant take on the true darkness of losing Monopoly - Puschak picks line by line through the 200 word script and deconstructs just what makes it work.

The video has amassed 1.4 views in under a week, and really does go some way to bringing to life the thought and obsession that goes into creating that ‘effortless’ comedy magic. 

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