Everyone's falling in love with this little kid and his amazing nature videos

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I’m a sucker for people with mega-geeky interests in things. People that know ultra-loads about one subject are A-OK with me. It’s good to have harmless hobbies, basically. Mine, for example, is horror movies, which unfortunately, does not help me at all in life – I am a fountain of pointless knowledge and it does not enrich my life in the slightest.

However, a young kid called Aiden – or Aiden the Zoologist, as he’d prefer to be known – over in America, has an in-depth interest in nature. This is an interest that will most certainly help him in life, because he wants to become a zoologist, hence the name.

He’s nowhere near heading to college just yet, but by the looks of things, he’s gonna be in good stead for when he is. Here’s proof: a video his sister tweeted that has gone nicely viral:

That boy doesn't half know a lot about ants.

Not sure about the whole “tree years” thing, but it’s mostly right. I’ll let him off.

And what’s more, off the back of this tweet, his sister’s set up a YouTube channel for him (which you can check out here), and perhaps more importantly, a GoFundMe page to raise money for his college fund. So if you fancy helping little old Aiden on his course to becoming a zoologist, you can drop him a tenner or so, here.


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