Introducing Ana Barros


As you may of noticed Marks & Spencer has recently signed supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros to its current roster of spokes people. They’ve also signed Peter Kay, but we didn’t think a gallery of scantily clad pictures of the northern comedian would have quite the same impact.

So who is this veritable ray of sunshine brightening up our TV screens? Born in Brazil, the 28-year-old was spotted by a talent scout when she was just 13. After coming second in a number of international modeling competitions she was snapped up by GUESS? for their Millenium campaign. Since then, she’s worked for Christian Dior, Armani, Victoria’s Secret, and appeared in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue no fewer than seven times. So you can rest assured, she knows how to wear underwear, as the gallery below will testify.

  • Introducing Ana Barros

    Ana Beatriz Barros Pic 1

  • Introducing Ana Barros 1

    Ana Beatriz Barros Pic 2

  • Introducing Ana Barros 2

    Ana Beatriz Barros Pic 3

  • Introducing Ana Barros 3

    Ana Beatriz Barros Pic 4

  • Introducing Ana Barros 4

    Ana Beatriz Barros Pic 5

  • Introducing Ana Barros 5

    Ana Beatriz Barros Pic 6

  • Introducing Ana Barros 6

    Ana Beatriz Barros Pic 7

  • Introducing Ana Barros 7

    Ana Beatriz Barros Pic 9


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