Hilarious viral video shows Britain and America as awkward exes


If you're going to reduce eight years of revolutionary war and the brutal colonisation of most of the world into a hilarious four minutes, this is the way to do it.

British-American comedy couple We Are Thomasse have created a viral video depicting Britain and America as bitter exes at America's birthday party (4 July, obviously). 

If you're still feeling sore from Brexit, classic lines such as, "Are you ally-zoning me?" and "What's this I hear about you leaving Europe because she doesn't understand you?" are sure to cheer you up. 

The video has been shared over 31,000 times on Facebook and we're putting most of those down to one simple line from "Britain". 

"I don't even know how I feel about Europe right now - half of me says I made a mistake leaving, half of me says I'm never going to be happy without her." In the immortal words of Homer Simpson: it's funny because it's true. It's funny because it's true.