Handy video reveals how to win at noughts and crosses


“I’ll go first."

Words sure to chill any seasoned noughts and crosses player to the bone. Because let's face it: going second benefits nobody.

The other obvious no-no is putting your first marker bang in the centre of the board, no man's land. But all that aside, even if you get the first move and go straight for a corner, how are you best countering an opponent’s reply?

Well the makers of this YouTube video know how, and in it they've put together a relatively straightforward guide to help you on your way to becoming a champ of the Xs and Os.

Though be warned: should they reply to your corner move by going in the centre, you can't win - sorry.  For the other big stats, watch the video below and then test your newfound skills against a bot here.

Does it suck the fun of playing spontaneously against friends? Possibly. 

Should that bother you as you smugly remain undefeated for the entirety of a train journey? Definitely not.