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Behind every great cinematic gangster - most probably shielding herself from Tommy gunfire - you'll usually find an even greater woman. With that in mind we've scoured every gin joint, speakeasy and, um, film website in the land to bring you a gallery of the finest gangster's molls. Enjoy.

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  • Foxiest Gangster's Molls

    Uma Thurman (Pulp Fiction)

    Armed with only a black wig and switchblade tongue Uma Thurman effectively launched her career playing impossibly sexy mob boss Mia Wallace in Tarantino's classic. We'll even forgive her for all the drunken wedding dance offs she inadvertently inspired afterthat scene with John Travolta.

  • Foxiest Gangster's Molls 1

    Faye Dunaway (Bonnie & Clyde)

    Oscar-winner Dunaway brought the foxier half of America's legendary crime couple to life but the original casting plan was very different. Before Warren Beatty was signed on to star his real-life sister Shirley Maclaine was set to play Bonnie which would have made for some, um, interesting difficulties filming the doomed love story.

  • Foxiest Gangster's Molls 2

    Michelle Pfeiffer (Scarface)

    Pacino's bellowing turn in Oliver Stone's coke-addled Eighties thriller might've been hammier than the average deli counter but you can hardly blame him for being a mite excited. Michelle Pfeiffer's ludicrously slinky costumes would turn most men into eye-boggling maniacs.

  • Foxiest Gangster's Molls 3

    Lymari Nadal (American Gangster)

    We first started gazing lovingly at pictures of this Puerto Rican actress after her eye-catching turn as Denzel Washington's main squeeze in crime epic American Gangster. The fact her real-life husband is grizzled acting legend and Battlestar Galactica hero Edward James Olmos just makes us like her even more.

  • Foxiest Gangster's Molls 4

    Britt Ekland (Get Carter)

    Former Bond girl Britt Ekland is nestled somewhere between Ikea hot dogs and Steigg Larsson in our Big List Of Brilliant Swedish Exports. Her breathily seductive role as the main squeeze of Michael Caine's vengeful gangster in this Seventies classic is largely to blame for this esteemed, if purely hypothetical, honour.

  • Foxiest Gangster's Molls 5

    Penelope Cruz (Blow)

    From Scarface to Mr Nice Hollywood films are often at pains to show us that, despite glamorous appearances, the life of a drug baron is no picnic. Hmm, we're not convinced. Sure, Johnny Depp's bellbottomed protagonist ends up bereft and alone in the slammer serving a 60 year sentence but he also gets to marry Penelope Cruz. Swings and roundabouts...

  • Foxiest Gangster's Molls 6

    Sharon Stone (Casino)

    Martin Scorsese's 178-minute mob epic is often unfavourably compared to Goodfellas and comes across a tad bloated for some. But it still presents the oppurtunity to catch Sharon Stone at her most desirable while playing casino queen Ginger Rothstein - a woman you'd fight an army of biro-toting Joe Pescis for.

  • Foxiest Gangster's Molls 7

    Peggy Cummins (Gun Crazy)

    A beret-wearing mobstress might not seem much in these blood-spraying Kill Bill times but vintage vixen Peggy Cummins truly blazed a trail in this seminal slice of Fifties film noir. Not bad going at all for an actress who was born in the glamour capital of, um, Prestatyn in Wales.

  • Foxiest Gangster's Molls 8

    Paz De La Huerta (Boardwalk Empire)

    It may not have escaped your attention that we're a bit taken with Miss de la Huerta. But can you really blame us? Rest assured, once you've seen her simmering turn as Lucy Danziger, mink-clad moll to Steve Buscemi's shady fixer, in Boardwalk Empire you'll be as hopelessly besotted as we are.

  • Foxiest Gangster's Molls 9

    Eva Mendes (The Spirit)

    Laughably hokey dialogue, a risible sub-Sin City plot, the presence of a Christina Aguilera song on the soundtrack; there are plenty of reasons to give Frank Miller's lumpy comic book film a wide berth. But the presence of Eva Mendes as duplicitous gangland siren Sand Seraf is emphatically not one of them.


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