Will Ferrell is about to confuse the whole world by making a movie about Eurovision

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Gary Ogden
Will Ferrell is about to confuse the whole world by making a movie about Eurovision

The world’s greatest singing competition is about to get a feature-length appraisal

You may think that Will Ferrell doing a movie about the Eurovision Song Contest is a peculiar thing, a strange thing, a weird thing, but when you stop - just stop for one second - and think about it, it’s actually a great thing.

Will Ferrell makes very dumb, stupid movies that often make no sense whatsoever, but are nonetheless hilarious. The Eurovision Song Contest is very dumb, stupid and often makes no sense whatsoever, but is nonetheless hilarious. It’s a match made in heaven.

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The film, which currently has the tentative, and highly inventive, title Eurovision, will be a Netflix exclusive, so will forgo cinemas altogether. It’s being written by Ferrell and his long-time collaborator Andrew Steele (Saturday Night Live) and will hopefully be ready in time for next year’s competition, although no concrete date has yet been set.

Of course, America don’t compete in the compeition, but really it’s still a worldwide event (Australia have somehow got themselves involved, after all), so Ferrell will have a good knowledge of its ridiculousness already.

Like, just watch the following clip of Germany’s 1998 entry and tell me you can’t see Ferrell doing everything that this man is:


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