Watch the world’s longest ever trailer - all seven hours of it


Don’t you just hate it when you watch a trailer for a new film and it gives away, like, the entire plot?

Well there’s little chance of that happening with the new one for Swedish director Anders Weberg’s upcoming experimental film Ambiancé. Not least because the chances of you sitting through all 7 hours and 20 minutes of it are slim to none.

The longest trailer ever released – hardly surprising considering it clocks in at double the duration of The Fellowship of the Ring – it is the not-at-all-anticipated follow-up to last year’s 72-minute teaser trailer.

The completed film, due for release in December 2020, is set to last 30 whole days. Which is a hell of a long time to watch, well, anything, let alone two performance artists pratting about on a Swedish beach.

But let’s not be too quick to judge – we’ll just have to wait for the next trailer (slated to come in at 72 hours) to be released in 2018, before we come to any firm conclusions.