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Tom Fordy

There’s no greater cinematic pleasure than a boxing movie – the steely spirit, the training montages, the good old fashioned punch-ups.

And Miles Teller’s new drama Bleed For This promises to deliver all that and more, with an emotional sucker-punch strong enough to floor even the toughest of fight movie fans.

It follows the incredible true story of Vinny Pazienza  (Miles Teller), a charismatic and colourful boxing champion whose life is torn apart after a car crash leaves him with a broken neck. Told that he may never walk again, Vinny teams with trainer Kevin Rooney (Aaron Eckhart) to begin a triumphant journey of blood, sweat, and tears back into the ring.

And you can see the film for free thanks to ShortList Film Club, ahead of its UK release date.

You’ll find screenings at Vue Glasgow Fort, Islington, Manchester Lowry and Piccadilly Circus on Tuesday 29th November.

To download tickets head to and enter the code 890114


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