Twitter reacts to the early screenings of Captain America: Civil War


The chances are, your trip to the multiplex to watch DC’s Batman v Superman was a dark night you’d rather forget. It promised so much, and yet delivered, well, Batfleck.

It’s understandable, then, that most people are approaching Marvel’s superhero-versus-superhero counter-punch, Captain America: Civil War, with trepidation. Iron Man and Cap going mano a mano? A brand new Spiderman in the fray? A bevvy of action stars in the royal rumble to end all royal rumbles? With great hype comes great potential to disappoint.

Well, this weekend saw the first screenings of Civil War in Los Angeles, and even though there’s an embargo on reviews until later this week, the critics lucky enough to attend took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Their verdict? Overwhelmingly (if not exclusively) positive. It would seem that Civil War is both the superhero movie we deserve and the superhero movie we need. Check out our gallery for the full reaction – it’s enough to get all sorts of senses tingling.