This video of Alan Rickman making a cup of tea shows exactly why he was perfect


From Snape to Hans Gruber or Harry in Love Actually, Alan Rickman was never a man scared of diversity. His roles came in all forms and types and he was truly an actor in love with his craft.

Something which is deftly demonstrated in this short film simply entitled: Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman.

Part of a series by David Michalek named Portraits in Dramatic Time, the video was originally projected onto a building façade at the Lincoln Center in New York City in 2011. 

Without a single word spoken Rickman manages a bizarre, terrifying and emotive performance that genuinely conjures up goosebumps.

As one Youtuber describes it:"It's a bit like watching God create the universe. A very angry God."

Rest in peace Alan Rickman, you will truly be missed you incredible man.