This video is packed with Disney easter eggs you almost certainly missed

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Matt Tate

It’s common knowledge that the devious Disney animators have a long history of dropping easter eggs into their movies which tease the notion that they all exist in a shared universe. It’s very exciting. 

In fact, at the beginning of the year the Toy Story Facebook page appeared to release a video confirming that, as suspected, every Pixar film is linked in some way.

But the curious minds at ScreenRant aren’t yet satisfied. They’ve assigned themselves the ambitious task of uncovering every hidden Disney Easter Egg or sneaky callback ever.

In their latest video, they’ve highlighted 10 secrets that you almost certainly missed on first viewing. Did you know (you absolutely didn’t) that a wanted poster of Prince Hans from Frozen hangs in the police station in Big Hero 6? Or that the villainous Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles also briefly appeared in Ratatouille as a street mime artist? These are all blink-and-you’ll-miss-em gems. 

ScreenRant are open to suggestions for references they haven’t noticed yet, so pop culture fiends familiar with the pause button should get in touch.

]Main image credit: Disney]