This fan theory suggests that Agent Smith was actually The One in The Matrix


Can you believe it's 17 years since the first Matrix film came out? Good grief.

Despite that passage of time, debates and fan theories have refused to die down, with the latest suggesting a serious volte-face on the whole trilogy.

iO9 has made a video flipping what you thought you knew on its head, by postulating that The One was not actually Neo. It was, in fact, Agent Smith.

They hone in on several 'clues' within the film, taking into consideration their similar skill sets, centring on the fact that The One would be a person born within The Matrix. Agent Smith fulfils this criteria, whereas Neo does not, being a human who is, instead, plugged into The Matrix.

Watch the video above to hear the whole theory explained, while there's a more in-depth 15 minute version below from The Film Theorists.

So, flush with this new angle on things, does that speech by the Architect finally make sense?

No, of course it doesn't. Don't be ridiculous.