There's mayhem in an airport in the latest clip from Stephen King's Cell


We're all addicted to our mobile phones, but did we ever stop to consider what damage they might be doing to us?

We're not talking about a mild bit of radiation to our brains - from the looks of this clip it seems that they could be far more dangerous than we ever imagined.

The film adaptation of Stephen King's Cell has released its latest trailer, this time showing a scene of carnage, entitled Airport Outbreak, as a 28 Days Later-style rage infects the public via their cellphones while John Cusack's character Clay Riddell tries to make sense of the panic and violence.

The movie, out tomorrow on 'Ultra Video on Demand' before receiving a limited theatrical and wide VOD on 8 July, and based on the 2006 novel of the same name, follows the story of Riddell as he teams up with a train driver, played by Samuel L Jackson, to search for his estranged wife and son.

It's been directed by Tod Williams, with Adam Alleca and King himself writing the screenplay.

Check out the new clip above and a previous trailer below.