Someone has made a wonderful mash-up of 'The Office' and 'A Quiet Place'

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Gary Ogden
Someone has made a wonderful mash-up of 'The Office' and 'A Quiet Place'

A Quiet Place is currently putting the big old willies up people across the country - it’s a nice little success story for writer/director John Krasinski, well done him. But remember when he was part of another runaway hit? When he played lovable Jim from the US version of The Office? Well, what would happen if you mashed the two together?

I can tell you with great certainty what it would look like, because someone has done it, and I have seen it. And rather than me describe to you, play-by-play, how it pans out, it’s probably best if I just show you, so here you go:

In case you were wondering, we’re looking at season 8’s ‘Trivia’ in which the whole team go through a see-how-long-we-can-keep-silent game, and season 9’s ‘The Farm’, which involves Dwight’s terrifying cousin Mose. Good choices, it must be said.

But then again, as this is a very obvious joke - it has been made elsewhere, so here’s another version for you:

Which is better? Who cares!

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