The first trailer for Eddie The Eagle looks brilliant


Some of us are born for greatness. Others are born for calamity.

Falling into the latter camp – face first in a snowy mound - is Michael Edwards, the plucky British ski-jumper whose woeful performance during the 1988 Calgary Winter Games turned him into cult hero Eddie the Eagle.

And here comes the trailer for his biopic. Starring Kingsman’s Taron Egerton as the bespectacled Eddie, Hugh Jackman as coach-with-a-point-to-prove Bronson Peary and a raft of other big names including Christopher Walken, it’s essentially a British version of Cool Runnings. 

Mixing frosty hijinks and uplifting drama, Jackman’s no-nonsense mentor is pretty much the John Candy to Egerton’s underdog Olympian, tasked with silencing doubters by learning to compete with the best.

Eddie The Eagle lands (awkwardly) in cinemas 1 April, 2016