The first film appearances of Star Wars: Force Awakens actors

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Emily Badiozzaman

A long time ago, in what must seem like a galaxy far, far away following their skyrocket to fame, the four main actors of Star Wars: The Force Awakens were playing much smaller roles in films that didn't see fans queuing in costume to watch them.

Before John Boyega was Finn, he was Moses in Attack the Block (2011), fighting to save his hood from an alien invasion.

Adam Driver landed his first major movie role as Walter Lyle in J.Edgar (2011), which starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

Daisy Ridley was running for her life after she wakes up upside down as Sarah in Blue Season (2013).

And Oscar Isaac was shot by a psychopath photographer in All About The Benjamins (2002).

Watch their debuts below:


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