The Avengers played by '90s film stars is absolutely brilliant

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The Avengers imagined as '90s stars imagines what could have been...

If things had gone differently, we might well have had an Avengers film in the mid-’90s - plans for movies starring characters like Iron Man had been on the go way before we finally saw him back in 2008. As it went, this never happened, and it took until 2012 before we saw Hulk, Stark, Cap and co. on the big screen in their own film. 

But OI! You there! Who would have played the main characters had it actually been released back in the ‘90s? 

If you ask us, Nic Cage for all of them, but maybe that’s not exactly plausible - instead, why not take a look at ‘Instagram person’ @houseofmat’s mock-ups of the potential cast. Think it’s all pretty spot-on, if you ask us:

In fact, some of it is well on-the-money - Cruise was originally interested in playing Iron Man back in 1998, Tom Holland has said he took inspiration from Marty McFly for his take on Peter Parker, Keanu Reeves was connected to rumours about an appearance as Doctor Strange and David Duchovny was slated to appear as Hulk. But when you look at all of them, they’re not bad casting ideas all-round.

Again, no Nic Cage, but we can’t have it all can we?

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