The absolute greatest movie twists of all time, ranked

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Ben Scott

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Classic and modern cinema spoilers aplenty in this…

Some of the greatest moments in film occur when the rug is completely pulled out from beneath you and an alternative narrative is presented as truth. Twist endings, as they’re more commonly known, make for some of the best movies of all time.

But which of the twists are the greatest twists? Well, that’s what YouTube channel CineFix set out to determine, ranking each surprise in a top ten countdown, grouping similar styles of twist (lies, location, not dead, dream) together.

They spoil nearly 50 film endings with this rundown, so if you’re even slightly averse to spoilers it might be wise to give it a miss. The same can be said if you’re not a film buff, as there’re plenty of great endings out there still to watch (a sacrifice we were willing to make)…

However, it is one of the best film roundups we’ve seen so you absolutely should watch it. What a dilemma.