Someone’s made a live action Futurama film and it looks surprisingly good


Never have Philip J. Fry's immortal words "Shut up and take my money" been more relevant. (Well, except for that time we saw a knife that is also a chopping board).

The good people of Cinema Relics have created a trailer for Fan-O-Rama, a brand new Futurama fan film. There's no release date at the moment as the website's FAQ says it's out "When it's done". Still, we're way more excited than we should be, considering Bender is almost definitely made out of cardboard. 

The costumes and sets are pretty incredible looking, even if the impressions leave a little to be desired. 

In fact, if you take the whole thing with a pinch of salt it looks to be a pretty hilarious reboot of a much-loved classic.

But don't take our word for it, the site's FAQ says it better than we ever could: 

Ah. Right. Still. I'm sure their mothers are proud.