Someone has created an awesome video of Steven Spielberg's evolution in film


Over his 47 year career, Steven Spielberg has got a fair bit done. That is to say, he's managed to become the highest-grossing director in history, earn over $3 billion, co-found Dreamworks studios, and pioneer the New Hollywood era. No big deal, really.

To properly appreciate everything Spielberg has done, you'd need to give months of your life to pore over his movies, read up on his inspirations, and admire a few photos of his rather cool glasses. But in case you wanted to celebrate his mammoth career in just 13 minutes, the YouTube channel Burger Fiction has done just that.

Their latest video The Evolution of Steven Spielberg is a timeline of  Spielberg's directing career via a mish-mash of his most iconic clips. We're gonna need a bigger 'like' button. 

Spielberg's latest movie, an adaption of Roal Dahl's The BFG is in cinemas 22 July.