Security guard confiscates BMX bike, does incredible stunt on it, becomes instant hero


Owning a BMX isn’t without its pitfalls.

There’s the bloody bumps and scrapes a poorly timed jump on this steely steed might cause. The upkeep of such a bike and the inevitable scratches that can blight its frame. And then there’s the worrying possibility a security guard might confiscate your ride and upstage you with it.

Taken from an event in Estonia recently, this clip sees a maverick BMXer decide he’d ride in an off-limit area when a burly security guard runs over to take his bike from him, before proceeding to ride past the miscreant and show him a few tricks of his own. The crowd, inevitably, went wild for the high-viz hero. As should you.

Our name for his stunning move: Karma’s a Bitch Flip.