Samuel L. Jackson acting out his film career with James Corden is the best motherf***ing thing you'll see today

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Dave Fawbert

Samuel L. Jackson. One of the coolest motherfuckers on the planet. You know that. We know that. He knows that.

But it’s easy to forget just how many brilliant films he’s been in. How many brilliant performances he’s given. And just how motherfucking cool he is in every one of them.

Fortunately, if you have had a temporary brain-lapse, James Corden is here to remind you, with this brilliant clip from his Late Late Show seeing him and Jackson going through his entire career, with iconic scenes abounding.

Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Snakes on a Plane – they’re all there.

The best bit? Well, it’s still hard to look past that (actually fake) Bible reading in Pulp Fiction. Even Jackson donning a wig doesn’t detract from its amazingness – if the hairs on the back of your neck aren’t standing to attention by the end of it, you’re not human.