It looks like Bruno Mars is not going to play Prince in a new Netflix biopic, after all

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Good idea, yes, also, bad idea, yes

On Monday we reported that Bruno Mars was to play Prince in a new Netflix biopic. Turns out, no, he’s not, after all. 

The internet had gone wild over the “announcement” and were none too happy that Mars was to play the Purple One:


Even Sherilyn Fenn was upset!

Some however, pointed to his phenomenal tribute to the Purple One at the Grammys in 2017:

A source had told The Mirror:

“Bruno says it will probably be the most nerve-racking move of his career if it happens.

“Prince was one of his idols so to be asked to take on a hefty role like that especially as a debut acting move is full-on.

“The offer has come out of the blue. Bruno used to love acting when he was younger but it’s not an avenue he’s explored.”

But no, nope, actually not, big lie. Mars’ representative has said it’s “100% false”, and Netflix have even announced that there’s no Netflix biopic on the way, so sorry about that. 

Everyone can get back to normal and calm down, at least until the real news is released, a month down the line when it’s revealed the person that will actually be playing Prince is *OBVIOUS JOKE INCOMING* Scarlett Johansson.

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