Pixar have just released a brand new short and it's about a dog

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Matt Tate

Can there feasibly be a more truly joyous way to top off a miserable Wednesday at work than Pixar suddenly dropping a short that features a dog?

The answer is clearly and unreservedly no, and those fantastic wizards of animation have treated us to exactly that.

Dante's Lunch introduces us to a dog (Dante, we're guessing) that, like most dogs, is quite partial to a bone. Unfortunately for him, this particular bone has a mind of its own, and the roughly two-minute-long clip shows the hungry doggo frantically chasing it through town, leaving a path of destruction in his wake.

Dante is a supporting character in Coco, Pixar's highly-anticipated upcoming feature. It follows a young Mexican boy named Miguel, who embarks on a journey into the Land of the Dead to uncover the mystery of his family history. The film is released in cinemas on 8 December in the UK.

Here’s the short:


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