The trailer for Netflix's new gangster epic 'The Outsider' is getting us very excited

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Watch the trailer for Netflix's new gangster epic 'The Outsider'

Quick (very quick) intro: I like Jared Leto.

Anyway, that out the way, the trailer for his new film The Outsider has just ‘hit’, and I think that regardless of your thoughts about Leto (see above, for mine), you’ll be able to recognise that this looks good. Especially if you like movies in which people are bonked on the head by big typewriters (I know I do).

The film follows Leto’s soldier who was imprisoned in post-war Japan, but escapes with the help of the yakuza and has to eventually join their ranks in order to repay them. As can be expected, this leads to him probably getting a bit in over his head - that’s what normally happens in these types of films, doesn’t it? I am going to do this thing just for a bit and then leave but uh oh whoops now I’m in really deep and I’ll tell you this for free: I don’t know what in the name of Pete I’m going to do about it, butter fingers!

It looks all serious and violent and good though, so I don’t mind if it’s a little derivative. Note: I am basing this all on the trailer, which is an extremely reckless and ill-informed thing to do - maybe I should just hush my dumb mouth and wait until I’ve seen it before throwing about snap judgements like I’m some sort of know-all oracle or something. God I’m insufferable.

Anyway, here’s the trailer:

I’m right about it looking good though, aren’t I? Give me that at least.

The film lands on Netflix on 9 March, so you’ve got a bit of time to get that back tattoo you’ve been mulling over before it starts. Enjoy!

(Image: Netflix)


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