A non-Marvel fan attempting to name Avengers characters is way funnier than it should be

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Gary Ogden
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Behold: the mighty Snail Girl

Hey! Isn’t it funny when you like something loads and then you find someone who doesn’t like that thing and you test them on it and they get it all wrong? Isn’t that funny! ZOING! 

Well, if that’s you (it is, isn’t it), then you’re going to love what Twitter user @gabregan did to her wife. Being a huge Marvel fan, she obviously knows all the names of all the cool superheroes and everything, but her wife, having only seen Captain America and Thor: The Dark World, doesn’t. So she asked her to name them all.

Well, obviously, she got most of them wrong.

But what she came up with is infinitely (infinity?) better.

Take a look at these beauties:


I think what we can all learn from this is that Troot is a better name than Groot. 

Petition to change Groot’s name to Troot, please. You set it up, we’ll sign it.

(Image: Marvel)


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